I love flowers and work with flowers as a compulsion, a passion and an addiction. I am a real supporter of the British flower industry and am a member of Flowers From the Farm.

I believe in arranging within season in the same way we try to eat within season to feel fulfilled and at one with nature.

Flowers should delight and inspire and here at Fig and Fern our aim is to provide these emotions for each and every client.

Our flowers represent the season, the occasion and a little bit of the countryside in which they are grown. I’m forager by nature so each design includes something a bit different. A twisted twig covered in lichen, delicate wild dog roses or an architectural branch.

I grow and sow in my home cutting garden as I adore having beautiful British flowers at my finger tips, then I can ensure I have those special elements to hand so I can add them to each arrangement.

I’m looking forward to discussing your ideas and helping to bring them to glorious reality.
— Claire